Arc Engineering

List of Machinery

We make use of the latest and sophisticated machinery in the manufacturing process. Our machinery and equipment is high performing. They have optimum production capacity which enables us to meet the requirements of the clients as per the schedule. We constantly improvise and upgrade our machinery to keep in pace with our growing client base. The machinery we use is instrumental in manufacturing products with precise dimensions. We take great efforts in the maintenance and care of our machinery.

Type of Machine Make Capacity Year of Mfg.
Power Press Ambika 30 Ton 2001
Power Press Digvijay 10 Ton 2004
Drilling M/C Itco 1" Hole 2001
Drilling M/C Panchal 19 mm 2001
CO2 Welding M/C Sai Engineering 330 Amp 2004
CO2 Welding M/C Sai Engineering 200 Amp 2005
Chopsaw Dewalit 150 mm 2008
Compressor Puma 25 Ltr 2008
Milling M/C Sagar No. 02 2006
Mitr Jig Boring M/C Argo Bed Size : 600 x 400 x 300 mm
Boaring Capacity : 120mm
Sip Jig Boring M/C SIP Bed Size : 1000 x 800 x 550 mm
Boaring Capacity : 400 mm
Lathe Centre Nagpal Rajkot 7.5" Length & Dia 400 x900mm 2005